Free consultation, advice and tutorial for mobile app development (native/hybrid)

Recently I got a lot of PMs (private message) from whatsapp, facebook, email and about the mobile development issues. I already try my best to give them a better solutions and a few of alternatives to fix their problems. Besides that, I also contribute in Stackoverflow community mostly in mobile app development to various mobile platform especially for iOS and android.

Cordova/Phonegap –[cordova]

Android –[android]

iOS –[ios]

IBM Worklight –[worklight]

You can follow my topic about phonegap/cordova progress in here,

Besides that if you want to request a mobile development tutorial, you can email directly to me. nurdinnorazanservices[a] Make sure you clarify the whole problems and objectives for your project before submit.

mobile app development

mobile app development

2 thoughts on “Free consultation, advice and tutorial for mobile app development (native/hybrid)

  1. hi, your blog came up in my finding of push notification. Saw you offered help for advice. I got problem on implementing push notification. The development platform is visual studio + devextreme, using KO and javascript. Android OS btw.

    I already registered my project in the google console. Got the API key and project ID. I also got the codes, when I run up the project, keep not able to register the Key.

    Im not sure how I can show you the project because you dont have the development environment there.
    And I’m not sure what you want to see to know the real problem.

    If you wiling to help, maybe I can send you more screen shot?

    Thank you
    KL – Msia.

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