Software Testing (Definitions and Terms) – part 2


A baseline is defined as a single set of data that has been captured for purposes of measuring improvement.

A baseline is a set of captured data to measure improvement. A baseline can be a benchmark, but a benchmark can only be a baseline once. A baseline is generally is generally captured once during a cycle or phase, and future benchmarks are compared to a single baseline.


A methodology is a defined set of methods collected to accomplish a goal.



In many organizations, the term methodology is commonly used when describing the ways actions are done in the company. These actions are typically executed with certain methods or ways of doing things. Over time, organizations learn from their mistakes and modify these methods, formalize them, and call them their methodology. These collections of methods are often revisited and improved over time.


A process, in terms of software methodology, is a set of related tasks which are compiled to a accomplish a goal.



Within a methodology, each method defined generally requires a set of tasks that must be completed. These set tasks are called processes. Both a methodology and it’s encompassing processes are created to accomplish a common goal for the organization.


A procedure is a set of actions, operations, or methods which are executed the same way each time in order to obtain the same result.



Procedures exist within the methodology  to ensure the processes are executed in a consistent manner. These set of steps are defined to complete several tasks to complete certain processes which make up a methodology.

Test Framework

A test framework is a set of concepts, methodologies and tools to support the software testing effort.

test framework

test framework

Test frameworks provide a mechanism for consistent testing procedures around software testing. These repeatable techniques ensure the software testing practices yield reliable results as the organizations matures.

Keyword-driven Testing

Keyword-driven testing is a test methodology which employs action-words to drive events in a test case or script.

keyword-driven testing

keyword-driven testing

As organizations become more test savvy, a methodology known as keyword-driven testing provides an effective mechanism to organize the test scripts into logical components that can be used repeatedly. These components typically consist of an object, an action, and supporting data if required. The methodology usually requires a longer ramp-up period since planning and implementation of the components take time to build and organize. This initial investment pays off since there is an substantial decrease in technical skill requirement to build keyword-driven tests once a framework is in place.

Verification and Validation

verification and validation

verification and validation

Two terms that are commonly used in the software testing world are verification and validation.

Verification is a quality process which ensures a product complies with standards and regulations. Validation on the other hand, ensures the product adheres to established requirements. A quote from Barry Boehm makes this clear; Verification ensures we are producing the product right and Validation ensures we are producing the right product.

Web Designer, Build Web Apps issue 217 [book]

I already bought this book around RM39.90 last 2 months ago at Kinokuniya, KLCC. It’s quite long enough I kept this book until I read it by today at my office, just got free time to check the content. The title is Web Designer, Build Web Apps issue 217 and got some freebie, a CD that contain a lot of tutorials and resources.

web designer build web apps

web designer build web apps

Table of contents: (Quick Look)

  • Is Snap set to change the face of web animation?
  • How effective are screen captures?
  • Get your creative skills seen.
  • Make money with Twitter.
  • Trust in yourself.
  • Lightbox.
  • Sports for life.
  • A collective of talent.
  • Build web apps.
  • Google tools masterclass.
  • 25 ways to make PHP beautiful.
  • Portfolio.
  • Crowd source.
  • Hosting listings.

Upon my friend request for wordpress theme, you can download the package below.

I will post a few of tutorials from this book later. Please inform me which tutorials you are interested below.



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Raspberry Pi Made Easy – Book

I just bought a book from Kinokuniya, KLCC today. The title is Raspberry Pi Made Easy. Do you know what is Raspberry Pi? Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

raspberry pi

raspberry pi

The book rounds off with

  1. Core skillls – Learn everything you need to know about Raspberry Pi
  2. Get started – Easy step-by-step guides to setting up your tiny computer
  3. How to code – Learn how to code and write your own program
  4. Fun projects – Play Minecraft, create your own game and more

This is table of contents of this book

Introduction to Raspberry Pi & Linux

  1. Back to basics: Introduction Rasberry Pi
  2. What on earth is System on a Chip?
  3. What is Linux?

Get Started

  1. Getting started
  2. Raspbian: Easy installation
  3. The Raspberry Pi Dekstop
  4. Apps: Default Software
  5. Create your own Raspberry Pi distro
  6. Fixing faults
  7. Run the config tool
  8. Raspberry Jams: A recipe for success

Introduction to programming

  1. Conquer the command line
  2. Raspberry Pi programming
  3. Scratch: Coding
  4. Scratch: The basics
  5. Scratch: Build an arcade game
  6. Control Guido
  7. Try a new language

Fun projects

  1. Supercharge your Raspberry Pi
  2. Going beyond the Raspberry Pi
  3. Stream TV
  4. Build an HTPC
  5. Create a music server
  6. PiFace: Play with relays
  7. Retro gaming
  8. Create an adventure game
  9. Build your own platform game in Minecraft
  10. Host your own website
  11. Create your own cloud server
  12. Set up a torrent server
  13. Stay anonymous with Tor
Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Don’t forget to visit this site for information about Raspberry Pi.

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