PHP Zero Hero 2 Batch 2 training

JOM PHP will organize PHP Zero Hero 2 Batch 2 training next week. This training is suitable for those new in programming field that require guidance and less understanding reading online tutorial. No basic programming also can learn. You will learn HTML CSS, PHP MYSQL, dan WordPress Ecommerce.

11/8/2014 – 29/8/2014
10 am to 5 pm
Monday to Friday
3 weeks
10 peoples only

For more information –>
Batch 1 training summary –>

PHP Zero Hero 2 Batch 2

PHP Zero Hero 2 Batch 2

Paynow feedback

Whether you sell a product or service on social media such as Facebook and Instagram?

If yes, I would like to get your feedback for our mobile app idea. This mobile app cooked up specifically for online sellers like you to help increase sales and make you more efficient commercial operations.

You may find out more about the app ni via the link below:

If you give the feedback for this app, we will also give incentives worth over RM500. I give this offer to future LIMITED, so click the link below to watch the video on my app and so give feedback:

Thank you.

paynow app

paynow app